Vegetarian life

Homemade vegetarian falafel.

Vegetarianism is my life style yes, I can say I am a proud vegetarian, it has been my life style for years and I am totally convinced it is the best way for having a healthy mind and body. But, to be honest, the main reason for me to be a vegetarian is the huge animal lover I am and the big respect for environment I have; I can’t believe people like to have fun with dolphins, bulls or just killing tigers.
I don’t eat meat at all; I don’t like chicken or steak and I have never had pork before. I grew up without having meat at home, and it was because my mom doesn’t like meat, (she is not a vegetarian) she likes fish and chicken from time to time, so I can say that my family is not a big meat-eating one.

However, it was actually a few years ago when I stopped gradually eating chicken and fish that were part of my eating habits my whole life.
But it goes further for me. I think and I feel my body is not made to be dead bodies fed and our world needs more people that think and are more aware of the importance of the environment and animal life.

On the other hand, “animal agriculture is one of the biggest causes of pollution and climate change in our world, also, just to produce one quarter pound meat hamburger, requires more than 600 gallons of water”, according to Cowspiracy, that totally drives me nuts, so it’s really important if all of us start thinking about the world we live in, not only about the animals, we also need to think about the oceans, the water, the air, the forests, and the human life.

I am not asking everybody to be vegetarians, I totally respect the different points of view and opinions of all of you, I just want to share my experience and show to those who criticize me all the time, that I am really proud for being a vegetarian and who I am.

I’m really happy about the fact that I can share this with all the vegetarian people in the world, and inspire those that want to have a change and that are starting this beautiful journey to a healthier life, also, to my beloved vegan people, who I admire from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad I’m not the only one in this beautiful life style and all the bullying for being a not meat-eating person, it’s all past.

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