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Alice is my favorite girl ever. 🙂

Since March is the perfect time to celebrate women existence, I would like to express the way that I still, sometimes feel about being a woman. In addition, how sadly is the fact that many girls and women don’t have the respect they deserve, that is totally incomprehensible and worrying.

I can say I am really lucky; I am a woman who grew up in a free city, with a family that always showed respect and admiration for women. I have an amazing mom, two wonderful sisters and a lot of girlfriends, who have demonstrating what, are we made of. In addition, I can say I have the best men ever around my little world.

However, as a woman, I’ve had to live and see random situations in life where women have been in some way, battered for a man or even for another woman. For example, trivial every-day questions like: Why don’t you want to have kids? Why don’t you cook for your boyfriend? Why don’t you wear high heels? You are getting old, why aren’t you getting married? What are you waiting for? She looks like a bi**h doesn’t she? You look so pale, you need makeup, like a real woman! WTH!

Last Saturday February 11th, in NYC and different cities around the world, hundreds of thousands of women, went out to strike in the streets. That was because we really need our voice to be heard, because it’s time to realize women are part of the society and must have the same rights and respect as men. If it is happening right now in our countries, it’s because something is going on and we together need to stop it now.

Meanwhile, about 33 million girls and women worldwide are refugees, women are doubly affected by disasters, in most countries, women are paid on averaged 60 to 75% of what men make, according to Oxfam America.

It seems to me like we need to take action now. We women need to keep working and let our rights be respect. On top of that, it is really important support those girls and women who don’t have any opportunity or hope, those who have lost everything and need any kind of help. As soon as every single girl in this world has the right to education, to choose, to talk, to rise and do whatever she wants, we can say finally we did it. Otherwise, we need to keep working for them, for us.

However, I hardly believe in women and the extraordinary power of our ideas and strength. I just want to share my love and admiration for the entire woman in history and of course, the women of my life. Big and smart girls that I personally love like Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan Sontag, Nina Simone, Natalia Ponce de Leon, Janis Joplin, Malala Yousafzai, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Gilma Jimenez, Emma Watson and more, are such an inspiration for me.

I believe that being a woman is such a magical thing, I love the fact to be myself. I can say I am lucky, I can work, do my own decisions, I am strong, independent & free, I just want to the rest of women to be as happy as the could be.

Happy International women’s month. Let’s celebrate not just today but always our existence.






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