Parklife: Spring is here

Coney Island in Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful places in town. This is a picture taken with my Nikon with no filters. Beautiful spring  day, still chilly but perfect for walking around.

Indeed spring has sprung. What a wonderful time of the year it is. I must confess I really love cold weather; I enjoy the rain, I never complaint because of the grey sky, I can get over the fact that my hair is never dry enough, my nose is runny and my skin looks whiter than ever. In any case I still love the cozy-lovely cold days with hot cocoa, boots and fun colors hats.

Art, plants, fruits, greenmarkets, music and free hugs. Everything you can ever imagine, make this park just incredible and amazing. Perfect place for meditate, walk, take good pictures or just hanging around. Union Square Park is always a good idea.

However I am always waiting for the next season. Who doesn’t love spring? In the same way, I might say spring colors bring a kind of magical air, a new beginning, a perfect time to enjoy the amazing city we live in. To sum up, there we go a few pictures in some of my favorite parks around the city. Take a walk; put your camera on and go ahead to enjoy some of the most magical days of the year. Let’s take a look.

McCarren Park in Brooklyn has everything. In that small but beautiful space, you can either practice any sport or take a moment to relax and enjoy looking at the stunning view. Dogs meeting each other, little boys running with adults, and huge groups of friends, are always welcome there. Also, I think it is the perfect time of the year, because you can see the flowers blooming up and the trees still with no leaves. Besides, the wind is cool and the sunshine is pure magic. Perfect for do some yoga and meditation. Go ahead and live your life the way you like the most.
There is music everywhere. This place is just stunning. You can find more than three musical shows there, at the same time. Folk, country & rock and roll were the rhythms that made my day. Actually, this park in the Greenwich Village, has been an inspiration for me for years. So don’t be shy, go out and make some friends in Washington Square Park.
Oh Madison Square Park. What a place to finish your day! The Flatiron Building, the Empire State and lots of perspectives of the city, are the perfect inspiration to write down and take a time to yourself. This park is perfect for picnic (my favorite plan ever). You can find tables to share food and drinks and have memorable moments with friends and family. Also, best sunsets ever.
Photo Jul 06, 2 58 40 PM
All in all, you have to make sure you go out to Central Park. Indeed it is probably my favorite place on Earth. In every season, in every moment, you won’t regret spend your time in there. Don’t miss the music, dance, concerts, flowers, animals, picnics, and pretty God’s paintings there. I can’t decide if I like better either spring or fall in Central Park.

2 thoughts on “Parklife: Spring is here

  1. wow admirable todo lo que vemos y experimentamos con tus maravillosas historias, fotos, momentos llenos de amor y alegría, realmente es mágico, me encanta.


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