Earth Day: Let’s heal the planet we live on

Today is such a gorgeous day to think about our beautiful Planet Earth. A new chance to heal the place we live on, to protect our environment and make this place happier.

The Earth has been through critical situations because of us humans. The warming global is a reality we have to live with and we can change if we want, because everybody deserves a better future. Besides, everybody knows that our Mother Earth has had terrible transformations due facts as deforestation, and the no human conscience about the environment.

I have no word to describe these amazing places in the following pictures. Just take a look and enjoy.

However, this Earth planet is our home, an incredible place with amazing vegetation, animals who love to, stunning oceans, so many colors to be amazed for. On the other hand, I still believe in humanity, I believe in hope and I think from the bottom of my heart that we can do this planet a better place to live on. Life is a beautiful ride, isn’t it?

Without a doubt, we have lot to work for. That’s why today, on Earth Day, we can celebrate by doing simple things as turn off the lights when you leave a room, let’s try walking, biking or taking the public transit for a day, eating more fruits and veggies instead of meats, -so you can reduce emissions-, recycling, and, my favorite one ever: plant a tree. Just keep it in mind, Earth Day should be celebrate every day of the year, not just today, that way we could save the planet.

Today I want to share some beautiful photos of our magnificent Earth.


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