Yoga makes my life happier. What are you waiting for?

Happy international yoga day, everybody!

Yoga at home with my plants and cats.

Everything started about five years ago: I was working at my office in Bogota, where I wrote lifestyle articles to the newspaper that I worked for. Then I did an investigation and post about yoga, the discipline that help you to get both body and mind in harmony, working on your breath and  use every single muscle of your body.

I started doing yoga some years ago; I find this practice perfect not just to my body but for both my mind and soul. I can feel the peace, the vibes, the sounds and I can hear my body when I do yoga on my mat.

However, yoga is about practice, discipline, time and love, which is not really easy in a city like NYC, where you are always busy working, studying or having dinner with your friends or boyfriend. Also, when you get some time off, you only want to stay at bed, eat some cookies and cuddle with your cats. This is literally me every single day. Lol!

Sunday Morning. Starting my day with yoga and listening to Andres Cepeda. Such a good moment.

On top of that, yoga is a practice that can really heal your soul, and do a balance between your mind and body. I read somewhere that yoga is “Control over the fluctuation of the mind” and I couldn’t agree more about that. Also, it is about discipline and that means something that I have been cultivate and something that I really want to do, from the bottom of my heart. Discipline for yoga goes further; it is the result of my commitment and my self-love.

I have had some long days working and moving out to a new place. I must confess I haven’t come to class for some days and I really miss my yoga moments. However, when I find myself struggling about not having time for yoga class, I just lay my yoga mat on my living room and start doing what I love the most, with the best help ever: my kittens.

Today is international yoga day, and in order to inspire to others to do yoga, I just wanted to share my thoughts and love for this amazing practice. If you have never been on yoga stuff, and you’re actually looking for something really special for your life, I highly recommend to you to do some yoga.

My tips

I think of yoga as a style life. I practice yoga because I feel more free and happier when I do it; I do it with commitment and not as something that I force upon myself.

I take my time to understand what my yoga practice is all about. I’m not looking for a perfect body or a bigger boobs, I’m not looking for losing weight or looking “perfect”. Yoga has helped to me to love my body the way it is, to keep it healthy and work harder to myself.

I do yoga either at home or in Brooklyn. I drink lots of cool water, I listen to the music that I like the most, I drink hot tea after my routine and, when I’m home, I like lit up some candles and do meditation at the end.

Yoga is inner peace itself; it’s a practice that makes people happier, it’s a moment for you.

I am grateful at every single moment. Yoga makes deeper my spiritual life, with my energy more focused, with a kindest heart.

Plants, always lots of plants and flowers while I’m doing either yoga or meditation.

I’m not a really master yoga. I dream of doing the poses that my teachers do. I’m sure I can do it, it just take time and lots of practice. In the meanwhile, I just enjoying learning and focus in myself.

Although sometimes it seems hard, yoga is a lot of fun, also, it is a challenge to be stronger and make some new friends. Let’s do it! Namaste. 🙂






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