No more stereotypes: More than drugs, party and a fake body

This is Bogota from my grandma’s home. Big, chilly, cultural and amazing city with big buildings, great museums, stunning parks, beautiful people and some adorable mountains.

I am pretty sure you all know this already, but just a little reminder. Not everything that we see on social media is quite real. We all also have sad days, though moments, unreal fucked up days…

This week has been hard for me, and I have to admit it because I want myself to believe that I am a totally positive woman, always meditating, moving forward, and smiling no matter what. But not always it’s like that.

However, it’s ok to have bad days, isn’t it? Maybe weeks, why not months!! You know!? These last days I have had a horrible migraine, has been one of these weeks, which I don’t want anything…

I also had the bad luck to meet some people who keep asking me silly questions about my country, my accent, drugs, jungles and stuff that really pissed me off. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming.

This is a little of my last days.

I am a proud Colombian woman; I was born in Bogota, the beautiful capital of my country. However, I moved to New York some years ago, and now I can say this is my home. I love America from the bottom of my heart, I love the diversity of our city, I love the people I have met and the real friends that are always there no matter what.

But, I also have learned that is not that easy to be Colombian, woman and independent in this country.

I’m tired about the question about drugs, I don’t give a damn if you are talking about either consumption or production, and I don’t want to know anything about that fact. People think that you are an expert in cocaine or weed just because you’re Colombian. No guys, I’m not, I don’t know anything about drugs, I don’t do drugs, neither my family does. It really pisses me off when people ask me with a big stupid smile about cocaine. F–k off!

Then, I had the most horrible, silly and bored conversation I have ever had… First, I don’t reallyget how come people think of Bogota or South America as a jungle. Yes, a jungle!  And I say this because two old guys asked to me “How is it to live in the jungle” when I said I am from Bogota. Seriously???  I couldn’t believe the ignorance of those guys who hardly believe that Bogota is a big and nice city. After a long conversation they finally have learned what Bogota really looks like (hopefully).

Come on! If you don’t know anything about a certain place, please you better say nothing.

Also, I’m tired of the stereotypes about Colombian women. No, no all of us have surgeries, like party, or are looking for some rich guy to get an ‘unrealistic body’. NO! We are not your housemaid, cooker, dancer or party girl…

However, there’s a lot more personal stuff going on… But, on the other hand there are so much happy things over here to be grateful for. So now I can understand there is so much happening with each one of us that we can’t know or see. So just try to be a nice human, always.

I only can say, be kind to each other, try to be a little more generous with our compliments, don’t judge too hard on others… Don’t say rude stuff, you don’t know the other’s battles… Tomorrow might be a better day.


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