Too much love for our phones

Photo Apr 05, 4 17 13 PM
This is me, always distracted. Taking pictures by the sea. Trying to capture the right moment at the right place…

Nowadays the technology is such an important part of our everyday lives. I know the phone is really important: the job, the school, the family, the weather, the news…

However, there is a point where I realize that that little thing is becoming a real and indispensable part of everybody’s life. And that’s not really bad, or good or questionable. It is what it is. You know!?

But, have you ever asked yourself, how much time do you spend on your phone? I do, and it’s way too much. Although I respect every single moment with my beloved people: when I’m with both with my friends or family I kind of forget about my phone.

However, I can say I spend beautiful time on my phone when I could be reading my books, doing extra yoga, doing some homework or maybe learning how to cook. But! I need to see some information online lol!

Anyway, at this point, I have beginning to understand the value of being more in the real world instead of on the virtual world. I really think there is a perfect time for everything in life, even for silly cat videos or dogs memes. I know we all need to laugh from time to time.

No doubt the social media is such a fun world with sooooo much content, so it’s really easy to get lost and distracted. So even though I love taking photos all the time, to know everything about the world and sharing fun moments, I set a few goals to help me feel more balanced just in life, I guess… So, I hope you enjoy my tips  🙂

  1. I don’t touch my phone until 10 am. I hate admitting I always grab my phone first thing. Checking mails, IG, Twitter, whatever… Since I wake up early in the morning, I have time to share with my family, be ready for the day and especially just think.
  2. Take more photos with my cameras instead of my phone. I must confess I enjoy taking lots of pictures of almost everything tiny, beautiful and lovely. Another excuse to use my phone. That’s why I decided to grab both my professional and Polaroid cameras and be free from social medial. At least for the moment.
  3. More real talking and less texting. Nowadays, sometimes the easiest way to talk to each other is through a message. It takes too long; it’s boring and feels unreal-ish… I love to hear the real voice, even better if I can see the face person. That helps a lot, at least for me.
  4. Less time on social media. Do more real plans: go for a walk, try to bake a cake, enjoy the nature, go to a nice concert, share with your family… and try no posting every single moment. Just take a time for yourself.

They are really simple things. These few changes can really work, not just for me but for those whom feel the same way. Or just for bring the family and friends a little closer.


I’d be so happy to hear from you! What ways do you disconnect?

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