The magic of autumn is here

Fall is finally here, I can feel the crisp air, see the gray sky and smell the dry leaves…This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Autumn 2015. New Paltz.

Yellow trees, walking through crisp autumn leaves, hot tea and walks to the mountains, cozy cats, pumpkins carving, poncho and marathon movies at home on Sundays. That’s what fall is all about for me.

Yes I know. Everybody loves summer, nobody wants the wind to come and move over the trees, nobody wants scarf-sweaters-hot cocoa-cozy home season. However, Mother Nature is bringing us the most beautiful season of the year, again.

I’m just so excited Fall is finally here and I can walk all over the city with no sun burning to my skin, I can take the train without swearing every single moment and finally I can wear my regular clothes again. Woohooo sounds just perfect for me.

In order to tell you why this season of the year is so fun to me, I need to let you know, I’m from a chilly-cold city when most of the year the weather feels like is autumn, so this time of the year feels like I’m home.

Although it feels colder, this is such perfect time for planning a new adventure with your friends. I’m pretty sure this might be the right time to share some time with our beloved ones, enjoy the gorgeous colors of the mountains or just take a walk in calm and read a book in the park while drinking a hot chocolate.

Also, this is a wonderful time of the year for a deep meditation and bringing most of the calmness to your mind and body. So go ahead and enjoy the colors and magic of the wind while it is still warm and beautiful out there.

In the meanwhile, I can’t wait for some picking oranges time, pumpkin carvings, Halloween, spice latte, wood fire and camping in the woods.

I’d like to hear from you, what are your favorite Fall moments, where are you planning to go ahead, do you really like autumn?

Also, I’ve been listening to the most amazing music for a perfect Autumn. On my playlist are great artists as Magnolian, Hollow Coves, Isbells, Joshua James, Beyries, Novo Amor, Ben Howard and many more. Any other recommendation?

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