The art of drinking good coffee


Oh! What a great moment one can have just by drinking a really good coffee, especially in a chilly-start of autumn-morning.

I drink coffee every single day of my life, especially in the morning, before work, before study, before writing, anytime. Coffee is a kind of fuel that makes me feel ready to fight another long and busy day in my life.

However, it’s not really easy to find a good coffee, either in a café or at the grocery store, at least not for me. That’s why I’ve been looking for both: places where I can enjoy a good coffee and coffee brands that I can take home for my every day-coffee breakfast.

In my long (no finished yet) looking for the best coffee, I found one of the best places ever! It’s so good that I almost feel in my hometown.

I’m talking about Devocion, a cozy, full of plants (such heaven for me), yellow – ish place by the river in my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Photo Mar 19, 5 13 04 PM

Devocion is farm fresh Colombian  coffee, they say “you cannot do what we do without love”, and I couldn’t love more that. This place came from Bogota, Colombia to Brooklyn, New York… Both the places that I love most in the whole wide world… Coincidences!

So, if you are looking for a fresh, organic, delicious farm to table coffee, please go ahead and enjoy the best in this beautiful almost magical place. No regrets! Plus: They have almond and soy milk  🙂

Photo Mar 29, 3 12 20 PM

On the other hand, me and my bf we are so excited we finally brought home the most delicious coffee: no so strong, no so smooth, no enough! You know!?

It turns out that we have been looking for the perfect coffee for our home, not just for us but for our guests, family and friends. So, like a ray of sun through the window and because of my love job, we discovered the gorgeous flavor of Stumptown.

As a matter of the fact, Stumptown became our everyday coffee moment at home. Even for summer. Furthermore, they have such a great and large list of coffee from different parts of the world.


Essentially, I can think of Stumptown as “coffee is about pleasure” as themselves say. I love this coffee because is totally organic and also because they have such an inspired history and life project.

They have been in the most amazing producers coffee places in the world as Colombia, Indonesia or Ethiopia.

So if you guys like to enjoy a good coffee as much as me, go ahead and try those amazing options. Both the Colombian and the Indonesian are my favorite, so far.

Also, I really would love to hear from you! What is your favorite coffee, where should I go to try anything lovely and incredibly delicious?



Plus: I’ve been trying Irving Farm Coffee; the one with oat milk is just from another world. Seriously!

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