How to fall in love with New Paltz

The sun, the mountains, the snow… The peace! That’s what I was looking for, some days ago; I was seeking for a quiet place for meditation, for a moment to contemplate Mother Nature… Not that I was going through some rough patches, I just feel that my mind needs some kind of connection with the Earth… Anytime.

So, in order to get some peace to my heart and my soul, me and my love decided to make a short but really spiritually road trip upstate, something short but meaning to finish 2017 the best way.

New Paltz is a tiny, cozy and happy place that has brought us so many fun moments, in both summer and winter… We love the history of that little town, their restaurants and of course that is too close to Mohonk. (Best place for camping).

Also, I found out that NP is the best place to take some good pictures during winter time, nobody is in your way and the lands are just stunning.

On the other hand, the food is amazing (few vegan options though), the people are really kind, the traffic is ok and they care about our planet so that’s the reason you will never get a plastic bag from any shop. I found this fact just amazing.

My favorites

Minnewaska State Park preserve. You can find free hiking options and also enjoy walking in the mountains. The view from the cliffs is just stunning. Look at the stars from here is just a magical experience.

Mohonk preserve is amazing not just for hiking but for walking. It’s like a nice connection with Mother Nature.

Go to Historic Huguenot Street, National Landmark Historic District.  It’s an important place to NP history. Check out the seven stone houses and the living history demonstrations & drink a hot chocolate at ‘Chocolate’.

If you enjoy walking even in winter, go by the Wallkill River, exactly at Nyquist – Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s just peaceful and you can do amazing pictures. Just wear your best boots (if snowing) and enjoy the nature.

Visit the Reformed Church of New Paltz. Interesting.

Anatolia is the best Turkish restaurant ever. Vegan options are the heaven.

Go to the libraries and music stores on Main Street. Really fun and you can buy cute stuff for your home or friends.

Bacchus Restaurant is really cool. They have vegan small plates and good drinks. The place is great.

Finish your day at La Charla Mexican restaurant. Amazing food and drinks, the stuff is super friendly and the music is awesome.

If you have time, go to the wineries.

Have fun and stay warm.


To sum up, I took some pictures of this place, I hope you enjoy it and come over. And a happy 2018 to you’ll.

I would love to hear about you!

What’s your dreams road trip?

Let’s be friends.


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