Avocado Love

Since I was a vegetarian, most of my life I have chosen the avocado as my main source of protein, vitamins and nutrients. So I would say I have been eaten avocados for more than 20 years.

As a vegan, this incredible and delicious fruit has been a really important food for my every day, not just because it tastes amazing but because its health properties and benefits for my body. So guys, in this house we are crazy about avocado in all its presentations: guacamole, cubes, juice, spread or just in its own shell. This is such a magical fruit, isn’t it?

Small avocados from Mexico.


Avocados contain more potassium than bananas; also, they are loaded with heart healthy fatty acids, which are really good for your health. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I got sick or even under the cold weather, I haven’t had any cold, the flu, or pain for years, I think this is mostly because of the avocado and of course no eating any animal product.

Since I haven’t take any medicine FOR most of my life, I think fruits & veggies are the cure for everything, EVERYTHING for real!

On the other hand, this little green food might help to decrease the risk of depression, so guys, if you’re ever are feeling down, go ahead and enjoy that avocado. Also, it may improve digestion and it’s great for your vision. 

Indeed, people who ate avocados are definitely healthier, happier and we can do really fun and delicious meals every day, every time without spending a lot of money.


I would love to hear of you guys, what is your favorite recipe with avocados, any good smoothie or idea?

What else could you ask for in a food?
Thanks for dropping by.


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