Vegan food and the art of camping

It has been such a long, hot and fun summer so far. Everybody seems to be happy, the choices for going on vacation are endless, the beaches are totally crowded and the city is becoming boring and dark.


So, for those of you who couldn’t make it to The Bahamas, Hawaii or even Miami, there are still too many places out there to get a rest, get away from the busy and noise of the city and get just good energy and new vibes to come back to reality, before autumn is here.

If you were born and rise in a big and rush city (just like me), you definitely know what I am talking about. Sometimes you just need to turn your mind off, close your eyes and feel like you are in paradise, with no people, no cars, no train and most important, no alarm in the morning.


Also, if you are tired of balancing between study and work, this is the perfect time to take your stuff, get in the car and go either upstate or to another state and start the best adventure of Summer just by camping and enjoying of nature and silence. Personally my favorite plan for a good meditation and the best conversations.

When you are camping you need to be aware of your basic needs, just like food, drinks, clothes and extras just like a book, a hammock or a frisbee. As a result of being happy with your basic needs, you are going to have a great time and you don’t have to be worry about anything at all.

Wait! Are you vegan and you think it is going to be hard for you to bring yummy food and snacks for your days camping? No way!

However, for some vegan people it is not so easy to either sharing food with friends or even make your own for this kind of adventures. That’s why I’ve love to share some of my favorites and important tips when camping.


First, I think it’s more important quality over quantity. It’s great to take some extra food or snacks just in case, but please, don’t carry food for like a month when you are going away just for two nights or so, it will be a waste of food and also, keep on mind that you are going to do a lot of activities as hiking, swimming, rowing or reading. Camping is not all just about eating.


Yet, you can make easy and yummy meals for everyday and still you will be full and with enough energy for everyday.

Vegan Foodie

Avocado pancakes. Delicious, easy to make and super healthy. You can make the whole recipe from scratch at home and just take the dough to the camping. Don’t forget the vegan butter, some maple syrup and you can add some sunflower seeds on top.

Scramble tofu. Great for breakfast, just add onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and some seasoning. Just awesome.


Parfait. Also, make it at home before going on camping and pack it in a Mason jar. I love to add oatmeal, vegan yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds, mango, kiwi, oat milk, coconut flakes, berries, granola, walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. You can add as many toppings as you want, just need some creativity and room. Lol.

Sandwiches. Easy peasy. I personally love whole wheat bread and my favorite veggies as avocado, tomato, bell peppers, vegan butter and mushrooms. Wrap it, and if you are feeling creative, you can warm it up a bit on the fire place. Just be careful!

Salads. With your favorite toppings you can make a delicious lunch or even dinner and you definitely won’t need to warm it up. My favorite is the one with beans, chick peas, cherry tomatoes, corn, red onions in red vinegar, sunflower seeds, cranberries, cilantro, red bell pepper, avocado, olive oil, salt pepper, and if you want, go ahead and add heart of palms. Always a good option at any moment, indeed.

Vegan burgers. If you want to be part of the party at night with your friends, when they all are enjoying a bbq and having fun, the best option is either a vegan burger or a vegan hot dog. You might do your own patty at home or just get some at the grocery shopping. My favorites are homemade out of lentils or chickpeas with quinoa. Also, I love the ones from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.


Skewers. One of my favorite when camping. With peppers, onions, mushrooms, artichoke, corn or anything you want to add.

Drinks. Please, don’t forget to be hydrated at all times with plenty of water. Also, take with you your favorite plant based milk, maybe some beers, coffee and teas.

Extras. Be ready if you are going on a jog or just get lost in the middle of the forest, with healthy snacks as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas, apples, peanuts and raisins, mangos, corn on the cob, pasta or just an avocado. Seriously delicious and very refreshing.


Last but not least

Make sure your tent doesn’t have any holes, don’t forget your sleeping bag, carry with you any extra blanket or a warm poncho just in case of a surprising cold night, be as comfy as you can and remember always wear sun screen and repellent to protect your skin.

Thanks for dropping by. I would love to hear from you, what are your favorite vegan options when camping?

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