Cats are the most adorable, sweet, mysterious and fun creatures in the world. That’s what I think about those cute animals since I got to meet my two little kittens, that became a really important part of my world and my new life when I moved to New York City years ago. They are my family.


Photo Jul 27, 12 16 13 PM

Saki is a white Persian cat, Yuzu is a British Long Hair who is always taking care of her. They are both the sweetest, they also love looking at the Empire State from that window. Lol.

Yuzu and Sakura (both Japanese names) are the reason why I really love cats now. Before I was more like a dog person, indeed I still love dogs and I have a dog who I love with all my heart. However, feel cats have this special personality that can take all over you. When you first met a cat, you have the feeling they are arrogant, selfish or just weird… But believe me, they are nothing like that, they are just fluffy guys full of love.

The adventure began the day I met Yuzu, my boyfriend’s cat, who now loves me almost as much as he loves dad. This little and smart cat thought me that cats are seriously amazing, interesting and gorgeous. The British Long Hair, with yellow eyes and fluffy tail was the first cat in my life and the reason why I decided to adopt a second one.

My little Yuzu helped me to understand what cats are made of, with his sweet meows and purrs every time I pet him, with his cute eyes every time he sees a bird out of the window or with his little sad face every time dad leaves. However, Yuzu has the greatest personality on Earth, seriously; you won’t ever be able to get him a grooming or rub his belly, unless you want a serious bite on your hands.

Also, he is always ready to play, he is really active at nights when he jogs for all over the house non-stop at all speed and he would sleep the whole day on your chest. He is pure magic.


In the same way, I adopted my little fluffy white Persian Sakura, aka Saki. This cute – tiny pie showed me that all cats have definitely different personality. Saki has an innocent soul, she is made of stardust, and she has a five year old little girl living inside her. She is like a fairy, full of love and purrs all over the way. She is the perfect complement for Yuzu; they were mean to be together since the beginning.

In fact, my cats are totally different from each other and I have learned too much from them both. These felines are really perceptive, lovely and friendly. I love them both and they make my life and everybody’s life just the most fun ever.

Finally, cats are just magic creatures, if you are thinking of adopting one of them, go ahead and make your life happier and more fun.

I would love to hear from you, stay as long as you’ve like, make yourself comfy and tell me about your cats.





3 thoughts on “Cats

  1. I am definitely a cat person. I took philosophy in college once and the professor was going off topic and talking about cats and he said something that stuck with me “You have to earn a cats love” It’s why I’m a cat person haha


  2. Me encanta como te refieres a los gatitos, siempre me han parecido super tiernos y amorosos, los tuyos son unos copitos llenos de amor, algún día tendré al menos uno, me encantaría tener uno como los tuyos, son hermosos, me encanta las fotos, y todo el contexto. Te felicito.


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