Magic vegan flavors took over NYC

Vegans and non-vegans enjoyed the vegan festival that took place last weekend in Randall’s Island. Vegandale brought more than 125 vendors with different kind of foods, clothes & goodies.


It was such a perfect day to get some food and make a nice picnic with friends and family; the autumn sunshine was taking all over the city, the cool wind was just on point and the warm afternoon was just perfect for a great day full of food and music.

Even though the mud and long lines, people couldn’t wait to try such interesting food like vegan pizza, hot dogs, cakes or the cutest ice cream. I started my day having some fun at the NYC photo van and then I knew I had to stay hydrated, so I went ahead and got the most delicious pineapple juice. I also tried the watermelon one.

After walking all over the place we noticed that there were too many kids, dogs and people all from different places. Vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters, all amazing people trying to figure out what veganism means, and of course, everybody was learning about this lifestyle.

Out of the blue, we discover the most amazing avocado fries; we also got some empanadas & the most incredible ‘vrownie’. That really blew my mind, just yummy.

On the other hand, art was a really important part of the Vegandale, many vendors got to share their creations with everybody; clothes, pins, candles, kombucha and hats were some of the greatest things.


Finally, after a nice day of too much food and juices, I realized that the best part of this kind of festivals is the empathy and respect for each other. Even though everybody wasn’t vegan, it was so interesting to see how people can respect each other point of view, how everybody can do a little better for our planet and how the vegan food is becoming such a wonderful option for those who love animals and don’t want to eat them.

I would love to share with you all some of my favorite moments at Vegandale. I had a blast.



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