Agua aromatica, the perfect drink for autumn

Autumn is such a long and chilly time, that it is very important to keep warm and don’t let the weather to give you a cold or even the flu. This is the reason why people love to grab a hot drink every day during this long season and keep warm. But, what is people’s favorite drink for cold mornings and chilly nights? Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, hot water, matcha or just an ‘agua aromatica’, it turns out to be a hard decision. However, ‘agua aromatica’ is a perfect, delicious, soft beverage that anyone can drink either cold or hot anywhere in the world.

Sometimes I like to add green tea to my ‘aromatica

To begin with, ‘agua aromatica’ is similar to a tea or a typical oriental infusion. However, the story of this interesting infusion begins in Bogota, Colombia, where because of the chill weather, people started to drink another options besides coffee or regular tea. Many people and documents say aromatica history begun in Bogota around 1960 and has been part of the traditions and culture of that city.

On the other hand, it is very easy to make. To get a really good ‘aromatica’, you will need strawberries, blueberries, apples, mint leaves, and if you like sweet beverages; you can add sugar or maple syrup. First, you must simmer the water. When it is boiling add little pieces of the fruits and then the mint. Then, simmer for another 5 minutes and remove from the heat. Add all the hot drink to a tea pot and let it sit. Then serve and add extra mint. Enjoy!

Actually, ‘agua aromatica’ is very popular in Bogota, just because it’s a simple, easy and relaxing drink, perfect not just for winter but for every season of the year, because it can be either cold or hot.

Bogota, where this drink is originally from, is a city when the chilly weather, constant rain and cold wind are common every day of the year, (yes, there’s not summer in Bogota) especially at night and very early in the morning, that’s why ‘aromatica’ is a really special drink for Bogota culture and one of its most typical beverage.

Photo Mar 19, 5 13 18 PM
If you want to try a really good ‘agua aromatica’ in NYC, you must go to Devocion in Brooklyn. Definitely the best one.



In conclusion, if you want to try this delicious tea, go ahead and enjoy it with different fruits as pineapple, peach, pear or berries. You also can add cinnamon, ginger, or lemon to get different flavors. It’s really easy to make and everybody can enjoy it with a piece of cake or just by itself.

What is the most interesting drink you have ever had? I would love to know more about other countries typical drinks.

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