Fall in love with Forth Tryon Park and The Met Cloisters

Autumn is coming to its end and the cold weather is taking all over the city. However, you still have time to look up the colors of the trees, thrown up a bunch of leaves and fall in love with fall.


Recently I came to Fort Tryon Park uptown Manhattan where I was absolutely amazed with the magic of the colors, the nature and you also might learn a lot about history and even make new friends.

Love is in the air.

Located in Northen Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, The Met Cloisters has been opened to the public since 1938. The art and architectural elements are totally great and the meditative gardens are just breathtaking. You should visit every corner not only from the park but from the museum.

However, you are not able to take pictures at the museum, so forget about your phone and go ahead and travel through time with its awesome exhibitions.


On the other hand, (my totally favorite) was the park itself. Bunch of leaves everywhere, the air was crispy and cool, the colors just stunning and there is a little coffee shop where you can eat something or drink a wine or hot coffee. I personally had a serious leaves fight with my boyfriend and that was the most fun thing ever. You know?!?!


In conclusion, if you still haven’t fall in love with autumn and its magic go ahead and enjoy your city before the cold comes.

Have a wonderful day you all.

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