A very vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a really special holiday for us, so every year we spend this day with friends or family and of course, we always make our own vegan food wherever we go for celebration…

We made our own menu 🙂

However, this year we kind of wanted to stay home, (It was the coldest Thanksgiving since 1901) make some special dinner and show to our family what a vegan meal is. We both were nervous and exciting, super happy and with a checklist that seemed to be endless. Everything supposed to be perfect and we actually worked really hard to get that.

First of all, my apartment is a tiny one in NYC; we have two cats, 20 plants and a huge vinyl collection, so we had to figure things out before invite over too many people. At the end everything was perfect, it was enough room for everybody and my little cats slept the whole day in my bed.


On the other hand, the food was probably the biggest challenge; we cooked everything from scratch, chose the best beverages and made the most amazing dessert ever.

Said that, I really want to show off with you all the amazing menu we made on Thanksgiving, super easy and totally yummy for vegans and non-vegans. A totally plant based dinner with no harmed animals and no boring food.  I hope you like it.

If you want to try to make some of these meals, anytime of the year, go ahead and make it yourself.


Spinach and artichoke dip

Cranberry walnut brussels sprouts salad

Smoked tofurkey loaf (with the most amazing mushroom gravy ever)

Gold roasted stuffed pumpkin

Herb baked red crispy potatoes

Torta di mele with apple slices and homemade cranberry and pear sauce


To sum up, our plan worked out fine, everyone was totally happy with the food and nobody seemed to miss any turkey or animal product, our 100% VEGAN Thanksgiving was full of nutrients, colors and taste.

Now I’m looking forward to the Christmas dinner lol!



2 thoughts on “A very vegan Thanksgiving

  1. wowwwwww que deliciaa!! todo se ve tan hermoso, tu casa es un sueño, en medio del frío, el calor de hogar y el amor que lo llena es mágico, la comida se ve espectacular, se me hizo agua la boca, espero algún día compartir en tu lindo hogar hermanita. tqm


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