Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam: the perfect road trip

Winter is coming, the East is getting colder and colder and the snow seems to be on the corner… Even though I am a real cold-weather lover, right now I would love to be at the beach or just having some fun on the road or getting a little sunburn at the desert worried about nothing but Mother Nature beauty! You know?

Anyway, while I’m trying to get warm and cozy in NYC, I went through some pictures to Grand Canyon some years ago and I just can’t wait to come back to the most amazing place I’ve ever been to.

First, it was my love birthday, so I thought there was no better way to spend his special day than traveling. We only had about a week off so we knew as much as we could and went to the most peaceful places in the mountains, also had so much fun in Vegas. We were actually so into this travel that we almost forgot about our phones or camera… But we took some amazing pictures that I’ve love to share with you.

Since we had such little time to spend to the West side, we landed to Nevada, went to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and saw some interesting mountains and rivers. We stayed there a few days and we took the road to Arizona. On the way we saw the most amazing foothills, met the greatest people and enjoyed the best weather ever.

Go ahead and get lost in these amazing places. We are looking forward to a new adventure, any recommendations?

I’ve love to hear from you.

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