Back on record: I love the vinyl

This is my first record player.

We live in a time where the technological advances run as fast as they can that many great things have become obsolete and disappeared… However, it is almost magical how so many of those forgotten things are coming back to life, and creating a great vintage lifestyle between the fancy technologies.

So, in a world where technology is everything, is the classic vinyl coming back to be an important part of the everyday music consumers again?

I own about 35 vinyls and my collection is growing up.

I remember when I was a little kid my dad had a huge collection of vinyl that he got for years, and he used to teach me and my siblings about music. My dad who is a big fan of music had collected so many LP’s all of different kind of music. Although he is a busy guy there were days that he had off to invite people over and have fun talking about all kinds of sounds. When I listened to great artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and The Beatles, I became a fan of them.

But, what happened to that beautiful vinyl tradition?

First, let’s talk about the interesting history of vinyl: that big, round and interesting object that was in our homes every day when we were kids.

Also known as a phonograph disc record, gramophone or just vinyl, it was the most important medium for music reproduction in the 1800s. According to ThoughtCo, the polyvinyl was created by Eugen Baumann in 1872; however, Friedrich Klatte was who patented it until 1872.


After important and extraordinary modifications throughout the decades, in 1948, the first LP (Long Play) was introduced to the world. It was something that amazed people from all around the world, because this vinyl had the capacity of about 20 minutes of songs on each side, and that was something super new and remarkable.

As a result of this new advance, the music industry had a huge change that humanity has enjoyed for years. The industry music changed and people had collected a lot of LP’s around the world that are classics today.

Although the options we have to listen to music; online, in real time or just buying albums on our cell phones, it is incredible how many stores that sell vinyl are open around the world again.

My record player has the best sound.

However, people who still listen to vinyl more than others are aware of the good quality of it, and because music lovers are often looking for new ways to listen to their music, they have decided vinyl is something that doesn’t get old.

The vinyl is an object which has created an important music culture around the world.

However, the CD turned out to be a top-selling format even over the classic cassettes that came out in the 1960. This way the vinyl seemed to be something which young people were not interesting in at all. The vinyl was only used by DJ’s in parties and artists who created objects out of vinyl as clocks or paints.

While the world had offered to us a thousand of options for listening music for free, some people of all ages had agreed that old school objects are the new favorite ones. This way the classic vinyl that was almost forgotten came back to everybody’s lives.

My cat also likes  the record player. Lol.

Because vinyl has created a new trend which people love, it is easy to find this music format in stores that we thought had been forgotten forever.

According to some websites, listening to music in vinyl is a habit which many people enjoy in the United States and South America. Although my dad’s vinyl collection is lost I started my own collection that I want to share with him.

I would love to know about you. What’s your favorite music format and what music you enjoy the most?

Thanks for dropping by.

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