Take care of your plants in summer: tips to survive the heat

Summer time is finally here and New York City feels really hot. With temperatures set to soar into the 90s my plants are feeling the negative effects of the heat and I am definitely getting ready to keep them alive and healthy.

Pepita and Antonia.

Although I grew up surrounded by indoor plants I didn’t know that you need to be especially careful with them during the summer time. Back home it was really easy to take care of them, because the weather is always chilly in my hometown. However, when I moved to New York some years ago, I’ve learned that summer, -as much as winter- is a tough time to indoor plants and you have to make sure they’re getting what they need… (Otherwise they might not survive.)

Anyway, last weekend I went to a short trip out of town and when I came back home I saw both my fittonia plant (Antonia) and my pepper plant (Pepita) with their leaves all withered, almost dead.  (I own almost 20 plants but the other ones were totally fine.) Everything happened in just two days, I watered them a day before I leave so I wasn’t expecting them to turn like that.

Even though my plants leaves seemed to be dead I watered them, put them in a fresh spot in my apartment and talked to them (I talk to my plants all the time) lol. To my surprise everything worked; they were looking healthy and beautiful again and the leaves rose in the most beautiful way. So I learned to keep the soil always moist and keep them away from the AC.

While some people have decided just to get rid of withered or brown ish plants, I think it’s important to give them another chance to live and make sure you are giving them the love and care they need.

My beauty girl looking perfect.







Other than that, I would love to share some tips to keep your plants beautiful and hydrated during these hot days.

Keep soil moist, but not wet.

Water well and deeply

Water the plant constantly

Use water at room temperature (68F)

Provide them adequate light (avoid direct sunlight)

Shade sensitive plants from too much sun

Recognize stress: sensitive leaves wilt with exposure to too much heat. Also, some leaves might get yellow or brown.

Although I’m not an expert, these tips are working really well to my plants and they look strong and gorgeous. I would love to know more tips, any other recommendations to keep them alive in summer time! I am looking forward to know anything. Thanks in advance.



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