Living in the city vs. living in the country

The city and the country both offer a place to live. However, they are different from each other; education, lifestyle, weather, pollution, and entertainment are some of the factors that make them poles apart. These are important factors for people to decide if it is better to live in the city or in the country side. Even though many people think both places are similar for a living, the rural and the urban side are totally different. If you have to choose, which one would you like to live in?

To begin with, one important difference between the city and the country is their lifestyle. Both sides have exceptional routines in their lives that make them unique. The city is a busy place that gives you so many options; people try to take advantage of their time as much as they can. In the concrete jungle the spaces are huge; people have to move long distances to go to their jobs, gyms or schools. Also, the citizens have new options that they can explore; restaurants, parks and cultural events are endless. In the countryside life might be more relaxed and people who live there take some time to be with nature.  Also, in the rural area everything is closer and everybody knows their neighbors. There, it always seems to be the same, without a lot of new places to know.

Photo May 10, 8 00 15 PM
I love living in the city. I really feel alive when surrounded by people, noise and cars.

Another difference between the city and the country is the entertainment or cultural life. The city offers thousands of indoors and outdoors activities which people love such as theater, dance, concerts, and comedy shows. On the other hand, the diversity of the population in the city is high, so anybody can learn from another culture on festivals or neighborhoods. Besides, the city has restaurants and coffee shops that are not only local but also influenced by many other cultures. People who live in the country side might have to wait longer to see a concert or a play. The country is not so diverse even though they have amazing festivals and outdoor parties; they are very local. On top of that, it is harder to find new culinary alternatives in the country.

There is always a small country in the city.

Finally, both have some differences about the transportation. The city offers modern options to move: metro, bus, Uber or bike roads. However, some of the moving alternatives might be a factor for high pollution in the city. But, people who live in the city don’t depend on a car to move around; the city will always give them an alternative. The country side is a small place that   doesn’t have a metro or buses. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the air is cleaner in the rural side, and people love to go on vacation or live there for a while. However, those who live in the country side need a car, otherwise they will need to take a cab or ask to a friend to get them somewhere.

Although the city and country have so many differences, they also have similarities and both are great places that offer great benefits to live depending on people’s necessities. It is important to say that some people see the beauty in both and have no problem living in either one but some other can’t see they living on the opposite side.

My hometown -Bogota- is a beautiful huge city with thousands of people, the most amazing cultural agenda and the best (cold) weather.

I personally was born and raised in a huge city and moved to another one, so I like the city better. Which one do you think is better for living?

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