Short getaway to the woods; finding inner peace

I’ve always said that my birthday is such an extraordinary day, and I’d like it to be a magic kind of day every year. To be honest it has been actually like that since I started dating my boyfriend years ago; that guy has the most amazing ideas and he’s always ready to make of my birthday the happiest day of the year for me.

Even though 2019 has been such a weird year for me; with ups and downs & some gray days; my birthday was the most amazing, fun and incredible day so far.


My adventure has begun. Woodstock museum is just amazing. In Bethel, New York.

First, I am definitely a city girl I was born and raised in a big one and I live in New York City; rush, crazy and beautiful town that has been my home for years. Yet, I feel my anxious mind needs to change the routine, get out of my comfort zone and get away from the noise and hundreds of thousands things to do in my everyday life.

Second, I have to confess I’m neither a party girl nor a beach kind of girl when it comes to celebrate. My happy place is beyond; I like to get lost, I enjoy the sound of nature, the smell of the tress, the singing of the birds when I’m meditating… I definitely like traveling or finding a peaceful place to celebrate my special day.

Anyway, this article is about a place that brought so much peace and love to my life and I can’t wait to come back. For a few days I’ve got to live in a little 70’s theme cabin in the woods with no people around (It was only four of us) and the most amazing sense of peace I’ve ever feel.

Although I have been a couple of times upstate (New York), this time was really gorgeous. When you are in the middle of Mother Nature, nothing really seems to matter out there, you know?

As I said before, I got to celebrate my birthday in Livingstone Road where there is nothing but trees, deer and flowers. During a few days I let Mother Nature to take away all my worries and find mindfulness in my heart; also I had a lot of fun. There is so much nature & so much peace there.

If you want to feel happy and escape for a few days from your routine, these are some tips that have helped me when I’m in the mood for relax.

Meditate every morning in the woods is the best healing for body and mind.

Disconnect. There is a whole world out there and it is incredible beautiful. Forget about your phone and enjoy talking, laughing and listening.

Do not check your phone as long as possible when you are out of town. Take a time for yourself and your beloved ones.

Prioritize nature and leave behind your phone or electronic devices.

Say a little pray every night or morning.

Ride a bike if it is possible when you are out.

Enjoy short walks. Or long; it depends of you and your purpose. I like feeling the leaves on my finger, hugging trees, talking to animals. Connection with nature is such a magical healing either if you need to calm down your mind or if you want to feel peace in your heart.

Get rid of bad feelings. Make peace with your friends, family, love and especially with yourself.


This tiny blue cabin was my home for a couple days. What a magic place. 

What to do

Woodside Sanctuary Farm. I am vegan & I love animals. This place is such a great idea if you want to get closer to animals and also if you want to learn about animal agriculture. Also, if you are thinking of become a vegan this is the perfect space to learn the truth about animals and meat consumption.

Minnewaska State Park.  Get lost in the middle of this park while hiking, biking or just walking while breathing the most pure air. If you come in summer there is a spot where you can make it to swim and it is also great for pets.

Woodstock Museum. Are you a music lover? So am I and this museum just blew my mind and gave me the goose bumps. Ever since I have knew about Woodstock festival I’ve always dreamt of coming to the place where it happened 50 years ago. In fact, being there was one of the coolest experiences in my life & I highly recommend you to go there if you ever are coming to New York.

In conclusion, to be out of town and learn a spot where you can connect with nature and disconnect of laptops, phones or the city traffic; go ahead and plan your next adventure. Remember that it is really important to go away from time to time, take time for yourself and connect from the bottom of your heart with whatever you believe in. So, good luck and Namaste.


Any ideas when you want to get away and find peace? Do you guys have any ideas to do when you are in town and just feeling awfully anxious? I would love to hear from you.

Have a nice day.



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