Walking through Newport, Rhode Island

When I think about Newport I think about ocean breezes, salt air, crisp leaves & stunning beaches. 

image2 (2)

This small town has the magic to make you love it; its streets can tell you stories, its ocean would make you spend some quiet time staring at the horizon…  So, If you live in a big city just as I do (New York City) and you are looking for a place to calm down, forget about the noise of the city and make yourself comfortable, go ahead and visit this cozy, yet fun town in the smallest state of America.

When I first went to Rhode Island with my boyfriend, we were planning on driving all the way through Providence (the capital) but we made it to Newport and honestly we wouldn’t leave until we walk through it all, so we made it and it was totally worth it.

Even though I enjoyed looking at the sunset and walking through the Newport beaches, there are many things to do other than that. So get ready and enjoy.

Forget about your car for a moment, put on some comfortable sneakers and walk while learning some interesting Newport’s history at its 3.5 mile walkway that hugs the edge of Newport’s shoreline and the backyards of the stylish town’s mansions. If you have time you should visit all the mansions; I think the most amazing is the Marble House.

Although the town is pretty small; you will be amazed with the cozy stores at Thames Street and the restaurants just steps from the waterfront. If you are feeling like getting a drink you must visit Brick Alley Pub, I also found good vegan friendly restaurants.

To sum it up, Newport is on my list of places I actually want to come back, and I definitely recommend it if you want to have a great time.

Take a look to my pictures and tell me what you think about Newport!

So nice of you for dropping by.

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